My name is David Costa and I am the Dean at the Robert Kennedy College here in Zürich, Switzerland.

Together with my colleague Dr. Roy Damary I currently teach Investment Management and Business Strategy.I am a regular guest on both CNBC and Bloomberg Television (you can find the latest videos here) where I talk about investment management and provide a (hopefully) unbiased view on the economy and the markets. I stumbled upon microfinance by total chance as I was reading this article where kiva is mentioned. It certainly influenced some of my views on investing and the profits. In my March 2009 letter I analyzed microfinance as an investment opportunity and not a charitable event. What I found should be relevant to investors interested in both social and financial returns. All this is often possible with lower volatility than other asset classes.

I have now added microfinance as part of our investment management course and would like to further investigate this interesting area and transfer my findings and knowledge to my students and readers.

The aim of this site is to analyze the various aspect of microfinance and hopefully act as yet another voice to sustain microcredit as a viable solution to World poverty.

Feel free to browse the blog and the up to date research pages for more information and news.

You can also view my lending pages on Kiva

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