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Alice deals in the sale of fabric in both wholesale and retail. She wants a second loan to invest in the purchase of more materials. This will enable her to serve more clients hence boosting her sales.

Alice is interested in acquiring a second loan from MYC4. During the early stages of her business, she decided to obtain a loan of 1,500 Euros from MYC4. Using the loan, she purchased more fabrics and increased her business stock. This placed her in a better position to serve more clients like retail traders and individuals thus improving profitability of her business. Presently, her business provides her with a monthly net income of 100 Euros.

Alice is finding challenges in generating profits due to stiff competition in her line of business. As a result, she wants another loan to increase her stock and buy more materials. She will not only be able to compete favorably in the market but attract more clients to her shop. Alice is confident that her monthly turnover will increase by 22%, 12 months after receipt of the loan.

Alice sells her fabric of good quality to a number of clients at affordable prices.

In addition, she uses the income she generates to cater for the needs of her family in terms of food, shelter and education for her children.

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Bid Amount: 51.03
Interest Rate: 10.00 %
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