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Grace owns a mini supermarket. She would like to restock her shop with more commodities. This will enable her to meet the demands of her clients hence boosting her sales.

Grace established her business using an initial capital of 500 Euros. Her business started out as a retail shop with a few commodities. Overtime, the business progressed and she used some of the profits generated to reinvest in the purchase of more stock. This boosted her sales and she was able to transform her shop into a mini supermarket. Presently she generates a monthly net income of 90 Euros.

Grace would like to increase the stock in her shop but she has insufficient capital. Due to this, she wants a loan to boost her limited capital and enable her to purchase more commodities. This will broaden her client base and avail her with the capacity to serve her clients efficiently and effectively. Following this, she is confident that her monthly turnover will increase by 22%, 6 months after receipt of the loan.

Grace enables the members of her clients to access household items at affordable prices.

Grace is an enterprising business woman and she continues to serve as a source of motivation to other women to become business oriented.

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Bid Amount: 100.00
Interest Rate: 10.00 %
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