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Hadijah owns and runs a tailoring business. She wants another loan so that she purchases more fabric and sewing machines. She will then have the capacity to serve more clients thus increasing her monthly turnover.

Hadijah wants to obtain a second loan from MYC4. Initially, the sales she was making from her tailoring business were low so she decided to get a loan of 1,000 Euros from MYC4. She used the loan to buy an electric sewing machine and more fabric of better quality. As a result, she was able to serve her clients depending on their tastes and preferences. This increased her sales which in turn led to an increment in her monthly net income to 90 Euros.

Despite Hadijah’s progress, she is unable to meet the demands of the growing market. This is mainly because she lacks enough capital to buy stock for her business. Due to this, she wants another loan to buy more fabric and another sewing machine. She believes that more clients will be attracted to her business and she will have the capacity to handle contracts from schools and companies.

Hadijah offers her tailoring services to a number of clients at affordable rates.

In addition, she uses the income she generates from her business to support her family by providing food, shelter and education for her children.

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Bid Amount: 30.00
Interest Rate: 13.00 %
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