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Joyce owns a retail shop where she sells mainly household items. She would like to get a second loan so that she can purchase more commodities. This will boost both her sales and monthly turnover.

Joyce is interested in obtaining a second loan from MYC4. She owns a retail shop which has been in operation for the last 5 years. In 2007, she decided to acquire a loan of 1,750 Euros from MYC4 in order to invest more in her business. With the loan, she bought more commodities and a refrigerator so that she could stock soft drinks. This boosted the profitability of her business in terms of sales and monthly net income.

Despite the progress of Joyce’s business, she wants to invest further in the expansion of her business. She therefore wants a second loan in order to transform her shop into a wholesale shop. She is confident that she will be in position to serve more clients hence boosting her sales. Joyce believes that her shop will be well stocked, 15 months after she obtains the loan.

Joyce enables the members of her community to easily access household items at affordable prices.

More so, she uses the income she generates to provide food, shelter and education for her children.

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Bid Amount: 100.00
Interest Rate: 11.75 %
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