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Priscilla deals in the sale of different kinds of fabric. She would like to purchase more fabric of better quality. She will then be able to serve more clients hence boosting her sales.

Priscilla set up her business using a starting capital of 500 Euros. Using the capital, she rented a small shop and bought a few rolls of fabric. Unfortunately, her sales were low because the stock she had was insufficient to meet the demands of the clients. As a result of her hard work and dedication, she accumulated savings that she used to buy more stock. This widened her client base and in turn increased her monthly net income to 50 Euros.

Priscilla would like to boost the profitability of her business but she has inadequate capital. Due to this, she wants a loan in order to purchase more fabric of richer and finer quality. This will enable her to serve her clients effectively and efficiently. Priscilla believes that her shop will be well stocked, 9 months after acquiring the loan.

Priscilla sells her fabric to a number of clients such as tailors and individual buyers at reasonable and affordable prices.

In addition, she uses the income she generates to provide food, shelter and quality education for her children.

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Bid Amount: 20.00
Interest Rate: 9.75 %
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