Tropical Diagnostic, trades in laboratory reagents, chemicals and equipments. The company sells to private and public laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Tropical Diagnostics is requesting for €2,892 to improve and expand the business operations.

Tropical Diagnostic Supplies Ghana Limited was established in 2000 and is registered as a sole proprietor in Ghana. The business is owned and managed by Mr. Francis Yeboah, who is a Laboratory Technician.

The business principally involves supply of reagents, chemicals and equipments to medical laboratories, clinics and hospitals in the Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti region. The operation is basically trading. Tropical Diagnostics sources and procures its supplies from the United Kingdom and local distributors.

Mr. Francis Yeboah is a trained Laboratory Technician with rich experience in commercial aspects of the trade. He is very capable of managing the business and he is very much abreast with new developments and innovations within the industry.

The business, which presently operates with a capital base of €10,000.00 and a stock value of €6,000.00, currently has three employees, comprising of one female secretary and two male marketing and sales personnel.

Tropical Diagnostics presently operates from a small office with attached store facility. Both the office and store are small for the growing business operations and general organization. In addition, the location factors are not favourable for easy access and expansion. The business is requesting for a loan of €2,892.00 to rent a bigger office and store space to take care of the growing business and customer base.

With a loan of €2,892.00, Tropical Diagnostics expects to improve the stocks and enhance the business organization, thereby effectively servicing the clients and improving sales.
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With an average stock value of €6,000.00, we have decided to use the stock as collateral. Kindly see the posting ‘Stock as Collateral’ at our blog, to read more about the methodology we have adopted to use in such cases.

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Interest Rate: 14.75 %
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