RKC Microfinance – Tauese Pauga

Micro-Entrepreneurs impacted by Robert Kennedy College


Borrower Name : Tauese Pauga
Village/Centre : Safotu

Loan Amount : 1000 ST, 400 USD
Repayment Term : 12 months

Business Sector : Agriculture
Business Activity : Farming
Loan Use : Purchase knapsack sprayer, knives, chemicals, ranging pole

Tauese Pauga, 70, is married with five children and lives in the village of Safotu, Sevaii. She is a farmer with one year of experience running a vegetable business that sells to villagers and the greater public three days per week. Tauese has no previous loans with SPBD and she will repay her first 1000 ST (~400 USD) loan over a period of twelve months. The expected weekly net cash flow from the vegetable business is 250 ST (~100 USD).  SPBD loans are Tauese’s only access to capital because she was never able to qualify for a loan at a traditional bank. Tauese will use the loan to purchase the equipment and supplies, including a knapsack sprayer, knives, chemicals, and a ranging pole, that will enable her to grow and maintain her vegetable plantation and business. Due to her age, Tauese will forgo hard labor on the plantation in favor of selling the taro, taamu, and banana harvest.

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